Financing is just one of the many challenges entrepreneurs face.

At Fulton, we believe the best things in the world come from people doing what they love to do. There’s a whole lot of this human energy that’s yet to be harnessed, and it’s found in people everywhere, not just a lucky few. Unfortunately, financial constraints all too often prevent people from applying their energy towards what they love to do. In the big picture, these financial walls are often quite small, but someone at the bottom looking up might not be able to see over them.

What if we could help bring down that barrier?

Ful10 is the boost that so many entrepreneurs need to get over that first wall. It’s a small investment and a vote of confidence–the spark that ignites the fire. Once the entrepreneur is up and running, he or she can pay back the investment, and Ful10 can help another microenterprise off the ground. It’s not a handout, it’s a hand up.

The Ful10 Fund makes financing available to entrepreneurs unable to obtain it in other ways.

Ful10 helps entrepreneurs in ways traditional lenders can’t. At the end of each year, Fulton invests 10% of our profits into the Ful10 fund. When we find a business that could be greatly helped by the amount available in the Ful10 fund, we make an investment plan that works for both parties. Investments are made based on the merits of the business plan, not on ratios and credit committees. Repayment options are flexible, allowing the startup business some breathing room when it needs it most.

This is how Fulton got started. Now, it’s your turn.

Fulton was made possible because of this very same type of investment. We were grateful for the opportunity that made it possible to share our beer with the world. Now, it’s our turn to help other entrepreneurs do the same thing.

Fulton has pledged 10% of profits to the Ful10 Fund since our inception, but we are unable to accept applications until the fund grows large enough to make loans of a meaningful size.

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