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We’re building another Minneapolis brewery.

And this time, we won’t outgrow it in 3 years.

Posted Wednesday, September 4th, 2013 05:57 pm GMT -5

This week in 2010,  we began building our dream brewery in Minneapolis. Three years later, we’re doing it again.

The day we first stepped into the 6,000 square foot North Loop building that would become our first brewery, the first packaging brewery in downtown Minneapolis, and the city’s first taproom, it looked cavernous. We even thought we might have to sublease some of the space just to fill it up. It felt like — and it was — a huge step from our 2-car garage in the Fulton neighborhood.

But things have a way of happening faster than we expect. We started out with 4 fermenters and a brite tank. Then we added a taproom. A few months later, we brought in three more tanks. Six months later, three more again. Three months later, two bigger ones. And just like that, we ran out of space. As we’ve heard many people say, “it’s a good problem to have.” True. But still a problem.

Here’s how we’re solving it: in late 2014, we will begin brewing at a new 51,000 square foot production brewery in Northeast Minneapolis. Located in an existing building at 2540 2nd St NE, the new brewery will feature an 80 barrel brewhouse, high-speed bottling and kegging lines, and an initial capacity of 20,000 barrels of annual production, with the ability to expand substantially in the future. The added capacity will allow us to expand distribution beyond the Twin Cities, and to begin adding to our lineup of seasonal and limited production “Garage Series” beers. More Insurrection, anyone? The Ringer in bottles? Another barrel-aged Libertine? Yes, yes, and yes.

After the new brewery is commissioned, we will begin brewing 100% of our distributed beer at the new location. Of course, we’ll continue to brew small batches at our current brewery for the taproom. Due to Minnesota law, which limits breweries to one taproom per company, the new brewery will not have a taproom.

We’ll have many more details to share on our new project over the coming months. In the interim, it’ll be business as usual at our downtown brewery & taproom. As always, your support and enthusiasm for our beer is what keeps us going, and we appreciate it now more than ever.

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2 Responses to We’re building another Minneapolis brewery.


    Doug Jones says:

    As one of the former owners of the building you just bought, congratulations. I hope it is as successful for you as it was for us!! Good luck in your news digs.

    Doug Jones


    Mike Weinand says:

    You should commission some of the fantastic NE Minneapolis artists to put some beer-related are around the new brewery.

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