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Fulton’s ‘War & Peace’ Coffee Stout

Imperial Stout infused with coffee beans? Yes, please.

Posted Saturday, January 15th, 2011 04:30 pm GMT -6

Minnesota winters build character. So do imperial stouts. Add dark roasted coffee beans to the mix, and you get a winter sipper worthy enough for even the heartiest Minnesotan.

Last year when we launched The Worthy Adversary for the first time we decided to experiment with one of our favorite coffees, Peace Coffee.  We were pleased with the results — Peace Coffee’s quality coffee flavors are a perfect enhancement to our rich and creamy stout.  This year, we again infused only four firkins with Peace Coffee’s Guatemalan Dark Roast beans. We’ll be tapping them at some special winter events, so stay tuned.

The name “War and Peace” was inspired by Tolstoy’s classic novel.  Since we were infusing our Russian Imperial Stout with Peace coffee, it seemed like a fitting name. Later on, we found out that “Fulton” actually means “war” in Gaelic. And if you want to get philosophical, you could say it’s how we feel about Minnesota winters – we’re at war with the cold in the midst of a serenely peaceful snowy landscape.

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